Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Daily Chronicles

Grinding reputation and running LFR brought me to ilvl 471 so far, I am still working on The August Celestials and Shadow-Pan reputations. Last week I just noticed tracks on the ground while doing Shadow Pan dailies and, after almost giving up twice, tamed Portent which has nice exotic ability Eternal Guardian (battle resurrection), so now he is my pet of choice (instead of female black panther I used for a while).

I also realized I overlooked [Glyph of Stampede], a mistake I promptly corrected. The nice thing is I don't have to carry 5 pets with me (and I typically don't since I like having an empty slot to tame a pet if an opportunity comes by) - it still spawns 5 pets even if I don't have all five slots filled in.

I leveled my battle pets to 25 and defeated a bunch of pet trainers until I hit Major Payne. Decided I need to level specific pet classes to beat him, so I went back and captured couple of rare pets of the right class at level 18 and I am bringing them to 25 which will take me a while, since it is not my first priority at the moment.

Side note: earning valor points takes a lot of time, even with dungeons and LFR being somewhat shorter, since base earnings were reduced significantly. Dailies do not provide enough points to hit the weekly ceiling and overall maxing out on valor points requires too much time investment in my opinion.

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