Thursday, October 11, 2012

Daily Chronicles

Completed [Loremaster of Pandaria]. With grinding heroic dungeons it brought me to ilvl 449. Lowest LFR requirement is 460, so for now I will be doing dailies. Also found out I should've worn [Huojin Tabard] to earn reputation (sigh), ok, now I will.
So far I only have Lorewalkers and Forest Hozen reputations at Exalted. Still trying to make sense of new Cooking skill - looks like it's six different reps to grind plus I observe some of them fall back to the base after I made progress. Not sure if it is something I do wrong or just a bug. Started to work on Fishing and Archaeology on the side, but this is not priority at this time.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

There Was Light

I was looking for some entertainment while traveling on business. I don't watch much TV or YouTube, always had been an avid PC gamer and I wanted something that lasts longer than just typical PC game where you get bored when you get to the final screen. And, honestly, sometimes you get bored well before that. MMORPG genre looked promising and I tried couple of games before joining World of Warcraft community. Primary reasons were legacy (i.e. ability to deliver high quality product year over year), large community (read - help, add-ons, additional information available), and some feedback I found online. I am not sure if any of my real life friends play it (I highly doubt it) and I really do not care.

First character I created was a Warrior, which I liked, because I do like breaking things and doing damage, it's just a stress-relief outlet for me. But I wasn't happy with the Warrior, it felt repetitive and, in some sense, confined. I did some research and second time around I chose a Hunter class. This is much better personal fit for me. I don't do PvP (Player vs Player) and I play when I can and I don't play when I can't, which means I do a lot of soloing and while I would like to get into a raid I cannot commit to any specific times with the guild. I also feel perfectly fine doing things on my own and on the other hand waiting on others aggravates me.

So the Hunter class was a much more engaging choice for me from the very beginning. In WoW hunters tame and use pets in a battle, which allows them to diversify their attacks and avoid damage, sometimes completely. It is not rare where I am the only guy in a group surviving the wipe. Leveling and soloing is much more fun, at least for me, with this class. There are couple of things that I can point as advantages over pure melee class. First, hunters have ranged shots. Much easier when your prey runs to you instead of chasing them down. Second - pets. You track them, tame them, name them. They have various special abilities and raid buffs. Sometimes I release my pet and call another one to my side just because I feel like it. Most of the times though I run with my black panther Mypka.

One of the reasons for choosing Hunter class was its ability to do some tanking with pet, basically running as a one-man raid group with pet tanking, hunter damaging and some healing abilities this tandem provides. I will probably discuss my build choices and preferences in a later post. I am far from being one of the extreme soloing guys but I had done a lot of lower-level dungeons and raid instances solo. Unfortunately a lot of raid instances in WoW have boss mechanics that prevent me from completing them. Sometimes I can go around bosses (Naxxramas), sometimes it's a dead end (Black Temple).

I like playing a hunter and at this point this is the only character I play, although I am thinking of creating a panda Rogue to be able to complete [The Insane] achievement.

Ding 90!

Reached level 90 yesterday, also ran couple of dungeons, got nice 450 helm [Crest of the Clan Lords], bringing overall iLvl on the character to 433, just 2 shy of being able to run heroics.  Still haven't spent talent point, thinking of [Glaive Toss]. In a meantime purchased [Wisdom of the Four Winds], what a relief!

The instances I ran were easy, but I was probably overleveled and overgeared for them. I liked the fact they were somewhat short, but the waiting time of 35-40 minutes is outrageous. Next I'll be finishing quest lines and finishing exploration of Pandaria. Need to gear for heroics, but don't want to grind dungeons at this point.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Michele Morrow is a WoW Hunter?

There's some buzz about casting Michele Morrow for a World of Warcraft movie.  Looks like she is (has) a hunter.  Nice.  Just wondering if the girl from Hunger Games is a WoW rogue.