Monday, June 17, 2013

Current Add-Ons

Since I got the new hardware, much more capable and my resolution is 1600x1200 now I revised the list of add-ons I am using.

Shestak UI - is here to stay, I tried Tukui and ElvUI and still can't get away from Shestak.  (By the way Shestak himself is credited for the Tukui contributions.)  "Everything you need, nothing you don't".  And I mean it.  Has threat meter, Titan Panel functionality, auto-repair, auto-sell for grey items, bulk mail collection button,  integrates multiple add-ons (Skada, Recout, BigWigs etc), and has uncluttered interface, scales beautifully, tons of settings and automation.

GTFO - Useful for raids

PetTracker - helps with Battle Pet achievements, even I don't really care for them, sometimes I just capture a pet I didn't have before here and there.

BigWigs_Bossmodes - cooldowns for raid bosses.

Skada - provides better information than TinyDPS, at least I like their numbers better, because bigger is better, right?  Seriously, my Skada numbers are much better than I used to see in TinyDPS and it provides better breakdown by abilities.  I need to play more with the settings, but it feels much better.

Auctioneer - still trying to master AH.